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Drilling Rig

Drilling Rigs

ZJ70/4500LDB Drilling Rig is suitable for 7000m (23000ft) well with 114mm (4.5in) drill pipe, in which the rotary table is driven by AC frequency conversion independence.
The draw works and mud pumps are driven by mechanical.


  1. The rig is powered by "4 parallel 2000 (3000) series diesel engines + hydraulic torque converter (coupling) + chain box drive".
  2. Integral chain box compound ensure perfect sealing and well sealed and easy installation.
  3. Drawworks drum is grooved.  The main brake is hydraulic disc brake and assistant brake is electromagnetic eddy current brake.
  4. Drawworks is equipped with assistant lifting device which can raise the mast without diesel engine or hoisting drill string while main drive fails to prevent down hole accident and realize drilling safety

Five Areas of Rig Layout

  • Drilling floor zone: includes mast, base, rotary table and independent drive devices, lifting system, wellhead mechanical tools, hydraulic casing stabilizer and dog house, driller's console.
  • Engine house power zone: includes three A12V190PZL-3/O diesel engine coupler sets, whole chain box, draw works, power saving generator sets, automatic air compressor sets, diesel engine sets, air source cleaning devices, variable frequency drive, VFD, and MCC control house.
  • Mud pump zone: includes 2 F-1600 mud pumps, drilling fluids valves, manifold and so on.
  • Mud processing and water tank zone: includes mud circulation tank, mud cleaning devices, water tanks and so on.
  • Oil tank zone: includes different types of oil tanks, pumps and lines.
  • Three sets of diesel engine coupling and whole chain box are united to drive the drawworks, mud pump, rotary table, automated air compressor and energy saving electric generator.
  • Diesel + saving energy generators provide the electric.
  • The plate brake with the electromagnetism eddying brake (or Eton brake) is used together with the auxiliary device to the mast.
  • 600kW, 400V AC frequency conversion motor drive the rotary table to adjust the speed.
  • The mast is K type structure. It can go up and down as one block, and is satisfied for installing a 500 tons top drive.
  • The height of drilling floor is 10.5m, and it is assembly with one operation in lower position.
  • The Drilling rig could be equipped with VFD and MCC system. VFD is used to control the rotary table motor and automatic bit feed motor.

Mud Pumps

The mud pumps mainly have three models as SL3NB-1600A, SL3NB-1300A, SL3NB-1000, all of which are triples single acting pistons. The characteristic of design is that to optimize parameter, appropriately increase stroke and reasonably lower stroke number to improve the performance of suctions of pumps.  

Rotaflex Pumping Units

The ROTAFLEX pumping units have consisted major features and advantages of all kind of pumping units through years of development. As a unique engineering breakthrough, the 100% mechanical ROTAFLEX is especially suitable for producing high volume fluid in deep wells with rod pump.

Main Advantages:

  • Slow, Long Strokes
  • Belt Transmission
  • Low Torque Demand
  • Optimum Structure Design
  • High Reliability and Low Maintenance

Progressive Cavity Pumps

Surface Drive Progressive Cavity Pumps

The PC Pump with surface drive is a new type of production equipment, which is consisted with surface drive equipment and downhole progressive cavity pump. The surface drive equipment transmits the power to the downhole through the rotating motion of suck rod, then drive the rotor to rotate in the stator downhole. PC pump is a positive displacement pump. The rotor rotates within the stator, thus series of cavities are formed and these cavities progress gradually from the bottom (suction end) to the top (discharge end), carrying the formation fluids through the pump and into tubing.

  • Main Advantages:
  • Slow, Long Strokes
  • Belt Transmission
  • Low Torque Demand
  • Optimum Structure Design
  • High Reliability and Low Maintenance

Electric Submersible Progressive Cavity Pumps

The electric submersible progressive cavity pump (ESPCP) is a new breakthrough in artificial lift system recent years, which combinethe flexibility of the progressing cavity pump with the reliability of the electric submersible motor to handle your most difficult artificial lift. It has wide fluid range, more suitable fordeviated well, horizontal well, especially with viscous crude oil, high sand cut and gas oil. The wear of tubing and sucker rod could be eliminated and energy cost is reduced efficiently.

Rod Pumps

Sub-Surface Rod Pumps

The rod pump is connected to the sucker rod after being assembled on the surface then it is lowered down to the well bottom through the tubing. Thus it is convenient for inspection and workover because it can be pulled up and down through the tubing and is therefore suitable for deeper well. The lifespan of the tubing can also be prolonged due to the reduction of the number of makeup cycles. The rod pump can be classified into two types: mechanical seating and cup seating. Also it is divided into three types: RHA (stationary heavy well barrel top anchor rod pump), RHB (stationary heavy well barrel bottom anchor rod pump) and RHT (traveling heavy well barrel bottom anchor rod pump).

Sucker Rod

The sucker rod is an important part of the rod production equipment which drives the downhole pump from the motor of the pumping units. We produce the continuous sucker rod, ordinary sucker rod, pony rod, hollow sucker rod, special sucker rod, and polished rod.

Downhole Screw Motor

The downhole screw motor is a kind of power tool that transforms the pressure of liquid to mechanical energy in the downlole. When the power liquid flows into the screw motor, a pressure difference will be produced between the inlet and outlet of the motor, the differential pressure drives the motor rotating round the stator, provide torque moment and speed to the drill bit, thus the drilling process is being performed. The drill pipe is not rotating during work process, so the advantages are obvious if comparing with conventional drilling system. The downhole screws motor is suitable for vertical, directional and horizontal well.