Selling Louisiana

He has traveled to distant countries where an economic boom has created a "la-la land" for the rich. Although George M. Sfeir has seen mansions, race cars, falcons, camels and an eight-star hotel on his journeys, the purpose of his travels is not entertainment.

He is trying to sell Louisiana - its products and services, that is - in the Middle East.

Abbeville Economy Gets Boost

A new nondestructive oilfield piping testing plant could breathe some life into an Abbeville economy struggling from another industry leaving town, officials said.

Technical Industries of Houston broke ground Wednesday on a new facility near the Abbeville airport that will use Visonic 3-D imaging to test the strength of drill string, tubing and casing design.

The new facility will bring in 50 to 100 jobs, “depending on the market, and the market looks good,” said CEO George M. Sfeir.

Pipe Inspection Perfected

Use of OCTG, drill pipe and landing strings at deep depths is limited by current API strength formulas. There is unused strength remaining in these materials by using these calculations, but until now no pipe inspection methods were able to show accurate remaining metal mass (cross-sectional area) every 1/4" helix along the length of the pipe. Knowing this allows users and contractors to utilize their existing tubulars and drill pipe to deeper depths.

Advanced OCTG Topics for Critical Service, Deepwater Well Design

This article presents advanced tubular topics key to the successful design and installation of oil country tubular goods (OCTG) in critical-service, deepwater wells. The topics have been identified as key technologies based on recent and ongoing experience in the development of a number of deepwater fields. The topics include: 1) advanced uprating procedures for critical service drillstem tubulars, and 2) probabilistic tubular design for optimal well design efficiency.

3-D Virtual Imaging Pipe Inspection Services

Technical Industries, Inc. recently introduced the Visonic™ 3-D Virtual Imaging pipe inspection services for all types of pipes including OCTG, drill pipe, landing strings and line pipe.