Corporate Overview

ENGT, ENERGY & TECHNOLOGY, CORP. AND TECHNICAL INDUSTRIES GROUP OF COMPANIES are world leaders in project management, contracting, engineering, manufacturing, procurement, rentals, NDT testing of tubular, vessels, equipment and structures, equipment and supplies providers, storage, coating, maintenance, drilling, completion and logistics.

Over the years the Group supported many industries and provided and invented and patented the latest technologies in order to support all kinds of industries related to energy and essential commodities and projects management.

The Group always strives to lead the industry in research and development.  Some of the services and products provided include NDT equipment providers of ultrasonic, electronic, data collection, storage and retrieval and presentation and imaging and simulations.  Products and service, includes oilfield products such as drilling rigs and equipment, OCTG (tubing & casing) drillpipe, linepipe and various kind of pipes. The services include downhole tools, wireline, pumping, NDT testing of tubular and equipment and vessels and structures.  The group always offered various kinds of solutions to our clients’ most challenging needs.